In Wahdan ,we assure the clients for the quality and professionalism that we offer. We tailor to the specific needs of each client and customer.

We are commited to exceeding our customer’s expectations through quality,craftsmanship,and delivery of every project on time and on budget.

With cutting edge technology and seasoned construction and developement professionals, Wahdan delivers a level of customer satisfaction that is unparalleled to its competitors. Our principle includes strict qualitycontrol,provide competitive prices, and follow timely delivery and transparency with our customers.



Wahdan production is about 45 000 meters per month of marble and granite – processed and glossy. The factory has a high-quality Ultra violet treatment ovens.

The factory also has a processing line consists of polishing machine with 12 head and 6 head, 2 top curlers for cutting marble tables. The factory also contains 2 chassis and 80 sawhead.

There are water treatment lines to ensure a high level of gloss and processing level. The winch dormitory loads up to 10 tons and floor winch loads upto 55 tons.

Factory space is about 4225 m2 ,also there is an area of the factory for storing about 3050m with a 55 ton floor winch, as a place to restore blocks quarries to maintain product regardless of the volume of production.

There is an administrative building next to the factory for easy communication with the clients.